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In addition to the function of upper version, CP3.IX also brought a special version of a variety of high-quality leather suede build, CP3 himself as the chief spokesperson, bring a new Green Suede color on its own IG, dark green upper collocation soles, with golden ornament highlight details. Chinese shoes Network October 16 hearing, the upper three prominent parallel bars, so a lot of people pass through the shoes, right? But how many people know that this is actually three bars in 2000, Adidas had been registered as trademarks by the international application! In other words, whether we wear these shoes for many years, since 2000, who is the reproduction of such alleged infringement of shoes! It also recently invited to review when you know a company Adidas v Shanghai in cheap jordans for sale mens fringing its trademark dispute be. I was the first reaction is that no three bars lack any artistic process significantly, does not meet the conditions of the trademark registration. If the three bars can be registered as a trademark on the upper, three bars on the sleeves that are registered as trademarks, we may one day is not even wearing striped dress does not become? astounded, and then search the Internet to know, three bars of this trademark has caused uproar in the European register, but go against public opinion, the EU court has two bars, four bars are The three bars and similar trademarks, non-licensed are not used by Adidas. That is, in the upper inch of land, whether other manufacturers want to design two bars, three bars or four bars, are alleged infringem Retro jordans for sale ent! A small pair of shoes, accommodating trademarks and decorative design can have many places? This location is the best upper three bars a registration shall not encroach on other people, this is how sophisticated the law "conspiracy"! Adidas is indeed the multinational chiefs, using trademark rules of the game can be described as the consummate artistry, no wonder the media called "Adidas three bars dominance"! China now has the world's largest shoe business groups, have been listed and are planning to have a few listed inside and outside, are all trademarks registered a notice, and why so many companies no one Adidas Such trademarks raise objections at the time of announcement on or after declaring it invalid request it? Go to some of the footwear business website lo Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping oked rough, there are a considerable number of upper two bars, three bars or similar designs. If strict accordance with the Trademark Law, the same or similar trademark use may constitute infringement. In theory, as long as Adidas sued, these companies are likely sentenced to infringement. There are careful reader might ask, since 2000 on the announcement registration, why adidas rights until today? This is not accidental or omissions, within the great stress. In addition to well-known trademarks, the current trademark law may involve stakeholders to raise objections to the prescribed period of five years, after five years, the trade mark rights status is relatively stable, not easily be overturned. This is a lot like Adidas trademark holders patience "captive pig", waiti cheap jordan shoes for men ng for the expiration of the five years, the infringer is also bigger, and they come to an important reason for the prosecution of rights, which is the pursuit of a proactive risk-averse Trademark legal strategies to maximize the benefits. In the great appeal of the intellectual property community, and now the media and businesses for the field of patents of some multinational companies such as Qualcomm's patent-pending "staking" have some preliminary understanding, although Chinese companies far from changing the core of the patent, the basic patent is basically the situation firmly in control in the hands of multinational giants. Fortunately, based Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE, represented by some Chinese private enterprises, though, and did not get much support Chinese research cheap foamposites funding, we are gradually began to Blair in R & D and patent applications. In fact, the patent is certainly one of the most important aspects of intellectual property, but in other areas of intellectual property, a number of multinational companies such as Adidas "staking" behavior is also worth our attention! In addition to the copyright in accordance with prevailing international rules of the game most countries is the right to produce a form of (software requires registration, but mainly to protect the copyright to provide evidence, and the registration is only preliminary evidence). outside does not require registration, other intellectual property rights not only have their own R & D, design and other creative work, but also need to be proficient in intellectual p cheap jordans for sale roperty rights and sensitive with a highly professional lawyer to apply for registration to complete the legal framework for protection system design and maintenance. In particular, in the field of trademarks, in order to effectively implement corporate brand strategy, we must take precautions registered trademarks and defensive trademarks, and related Internet site's domain name, and even some other latest address message right identification information network services, to set up legal barriers to the corporate brand. An example of this success and examples of failure are numerous. In terms of design, production and operation of all aspects of all involved, should consider applying for a design. Coca-Cola crates there, such patent caps, production and all aspects of tr cheap jordans online ansport no one left. I remember a few years ago the media had reported, during the 98th session of the Canton Fair, dozens of experts, composed of business executives defense group request Complaint Station received "horses, cattle, sheep, tigers, cats, dogs, snakes "and other design patent infringement complaint when to be cautious. They suggested that "horses, cattle, sheep, tigers, cats, dogs, snakes" and other toy products to more than 60 pavilions involved hundreds of hundreds of thousands of employees of enterprises to survive, if not resolved to protect these "junk patents" tantamount to encourage related industries vicious competition, and ultimately will not help the overall development of the economy. This news at first glance seems quite reasonable, but can not Retro jordans for sale afford to think deeply. There are objections to the design, patent law is a complete relief procedure laid down, stood provisions of the Patent Act does not go, dozens of complaints to the station to complain about it can solve the problem? If so, are there any legal to use? Similar to the "defense group" or "letter" such a thing, although popular media attention, not the rule of law is the norm. Protection of intellectual property, the enterprise is the first responsible person, hire a professional lawyer or train professional legal staff, you can not count on the leadership of concern, government coordination or experts and lawyers' public interest litigation, or is bartering. by British pop diva Rita ora and Adidas originals cooperation to build a joint planning is stil Cheap air jordans for sale l continues, both season create new "space shifter" and "mystic moon" don't note series. Overwhelmed by the "futuristic" became the subject of the design, and Rita ora also personally designed the four different types of footwear, which "space shifter" series to drawing texture of the metal color composite material collocation black leather and, and "mystic moon" series is by the devil rays upper camp to make TV feeling. It is reported that the series of new products will be officially launched in September 1st designated retailers. source: Ora RitaBeach Resort Nike continuous Air Huarache launched a variety of new color design, the release of the "Catalina" brand new color design. Catalina has been regarded as the most beautiful island resort the Catalina Island in the la Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ke for inspiration, blue and orange hues sand and the water on the island, and bring a new shape for Air Huarache. The shoes are on sale at Afew-Store. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- Take a look at flowers or worship the television drama family token lap years - Jordan's first pair of championship boots rally dark drinks coming, are you sure you can really drink, ? big thing / love shoes to sell kids! Check shoes related crimes thematic planning / summer CC Boy will be dynamic, - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Tiffany color! Women vote best! USB Mini fridge! black and white texture, Y-3 2014, Fall, Honja, new color design, black classic Nike, Air, Max, Lunar1, WR, Black comments on : black and white texture, Y-3 2014, Fall, Honja, new color design, next article: Black classics, Nike, Air, Max, Lunar1, WR, Black Although will have to wait until June 11th officially on sale, but Adidas Originals Yeezy Boost 750 "Light Grey" has to "Refresh" potential to occupy various websites and social media, after seeing the Australian photographer Myles Kalus to perform other female models at this time for everyone to bring this pair of "topic" of the year foot preview. Compared with the first year gray version, the biggest change in 750 Yeezy Boost is this pair of white soles replaced with translucent noctilucent rubber, besides grey suede uppers darker, and the shoelace is replaced by the grey woven materials are more fit with the shoe body. 〉 earlier, Nike new running shoes Free Run Motion Flyknit 2017 finally officially debut. As the newest member of the Nike family of Free Free, Run Motion Flyknit 2017 by the style the heat is still unabated, with full Flyknit knitted material with a breathable fit wearing experience, eliminating the traditional lacing system, in the central cross elastic locking up join feet, finally equipped with flexible and comfortable shoes in Nike Free at the end of. It is reported that the new Nike Free Run Motion Flyknit 2017 now began shopping at designated stores such as Titolo, priced at about $190 U.S. dollars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked why do the boys have no resistance to girls wearing AJ? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Nike, Zoom, Flyknit, Streak, Boston marathon, limited color, atmos exclusive, Nike, Air, Max, Zero, don't color series comments on last article: Nike Zoom Flyknit Streak Boston marathon limited color match next article: atmos exclusive Nike, Air, Max, Zero, don't note color series This season, Nike launched a "'s classic shoes Dunk; Snakeskin" color, this will bring you more details.